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On Thu, 2004-07-08 at 16:27, Terry Linhardt wrote:
> Can someone in the know explain how a new "Core" differs from a prior
> Core number.  Does Core 3 imply that there will be new features bundled
> into the product that just do not exist in Core 2, even if fully
> updated?

Correct - for example, Core 2 had Xorg and SELinux, which were not
present in Core 1. However performing a full upgrade from one to the
other _should_ install the new features. Core 1 and Core 2 are the only
final releases of the Fedora project to date.

> By it's nature, is Core 3, Test 1, for instance, "less stable" than core
> 2 ?   Would Core 2, for instance, be considered a "release" while Core
> 3, Test XX be considered a "pre-release" or beta?

Each Core release has been preceded by a number of test release. These
are effectively beta releases - their purpose is to test the release
with willing participants before the release is closed.

The schedule page on the Fedora site may be helpful to see the
progression from test release to final release.

> Elementary questions, I guess. But, I want to understand how to regard,
> for instance, Core Release 2 vs Core Release 3 Test 1.

Yes - very important to understand this. Installing a test release is
not recommended on a production system, for example :) And test releases
do not have a supported update path.

> Thanks...Terry

Cheers, Ben

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