Re: How to boot without X Windows?

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Elvio Caruana wrote:


When X starts and fails, press CRTL+ALT+F1 to go to console mode.
Log in as root, then edit /etc/inittab with your favourite editor.

Find the line


and change it to


and reboot.

You probably didn't know that you can go to a console by CTL+ALT+F[1-6] .. and that will solve you many problems.

And *you* probably didn't know that you don't need to reboot to have it take effect...

Since you are already logged in as root, type init 3 at the prompt, and it will go into pure text mode. Type init 5, and it will go back to X.

BTW, the CTL+ALT+F[1-6] works regardless of whether you are in init level 3 or init level 5. Furthermore, once you have your X working, if you ever use CTL+ALT+F[1-6] to get to a text-based login prompt, you can switch back to X by using CTL+ALT+F7.

Once you are in init level 3, you can either type startx to test your X configuration, or init 5. My preference is to type startx, because a simple CTL+ALT+Backspace will kill it, and bring you back to your prompt. Once you have your X configuration working the way you want it, *then* you can type init 5.

Remember, Unix is not Windows. You do not need to reboot for every little thing.

Good luck...

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