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On Sun, Mar 14, 2004 at 07:09:09AM -0600, Randy Kelsoe wrote:
> Randy Kelsoe wrote:
> >I am using the GigaByte GA-7N400 Pro2 MB, which uses the Nvidia 
> >nforce2 chipset. I'm not using any of the Nvidia drivers. This mobo 
> >uses the RealTek 8169 onboard gigabit lan, and not the nforce2 lan. I 
> >tried using the Nvidia drivers for the onboard sound, and they had 
> >problems. Anaconda selected the intel8x0 
> driver for the onboard video, and that works much better than the Nvidia 
> driver. This mobo has worked well with RH9 (but needed a later kernel), 
> and has worked
>   (yikes! that should have been 'onboard audio' not 'onboard video')
> well with FC1 right out of the box. It's almost twice the price of the 
> GA-7VT600-L, but it has SATA, RAID, and Dual Channel memory. I'm not 
> using the RAID, but SATA works (though not at full speed yet), and dual 
> channel memory is about 50% faster than single channel mode. There is 
> also a cheaper model that does not have the RAID and SATA, and has a 
> 100base T NIC.

Hmm. I see that on newegg it's $107. There's also one named GA 7N400-L
that looks pretty similar for about 30 bucks less, perhaps that's the
cheaper model to which you refer... know anything about it?

Re the GA-7N400 Pro2 that you discuss above, one thing I've always
wondered about these boards with onboard RAID,... is it possible to 
attach additional drives to the RAID cable sockets and use them as
ordinary (i.e., NON-RAID) drives? So that we could have more than four
IDE drives on the system? The SATA is of no immediate use to me, I have
no SATA drives and no prospect of buying any in the foreseeable future.
(In fact I've a surplus of ATA drives already, with several in the range
of 8-40 gigs lying on the "spare parts" shelf at the moment.)

NIC speed is of no consequence to me either, the LAN here at the house
is only a 10Mb network anyhow.

I've just gotten a deal on RAM today at COMP USA (big one-day sale on 
512MB PC2700 parts), which may just save me enough money I could spring
for a more expensive MB.

I'd appreciate any additional comments you could make, Randy, or from
anyone else either. Thanks!


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                              who strengthens me.
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