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Am Fr, den 12.03.2004 schrieb Karl Hakmiller um 05:55:
> On Thursday 11 March 2004 11:48, James Bond wrote:
> > 2: In RedHat 9, I used to double click on any RPM package on the disk, and
> > it used to open the Red Hat RPM management GUI to install that RPM package.
> > This functionality does not seem to be there in Fedora!! I tried to double
> > click on a RPM package on my hard disk and it opened up a window ,
> > complaining about the "No Action Associated". Which application should i
> > associate with RPM?
> Why not rpm  (as in:  rpm -ivh <packagename>)?

For it won't give you any (graphical) feedback, maybe you could do this
inside an xterm (xterm -e rpm -ivh). I think the answer will be
system-install-packages, since it used to be redhat-install-packages in
FC1 and before. Nevertheless this is an issue for the fedora-test-list.


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