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El Viernes, 5 de Marzo de 2004 19:05, Antti Aspinen escribiÃ:

> Apt-Get(synaptic) works now, but yum is getting worster. Is says now:
> Resolving dependencies
> .Package gnomemeeting needs, this is not available.
> Package gnomemeeting needs, this is not
> available. Package php-domxml needs, this is
> not available. [[email protected] anxa]#

This is surely because your apt and yum sources differ.
Yum is trying to get the headers from these files for an aventula 
upgrade but fails to get them and complaints.

I have just fixed this in Yum and will try to see if I can put 
yum's sources into apt's sources.list in order to be able to select new 
packages via synaptic.

The sintax is more or less the same,  you can also take a glance at the 
repository's structure using the ftp client of your choice.

Another way of seeing in which repository the needed files are is using and doing a search for the file.
Once you find it you only need to edit your yum.conf and add the URI.

> I may have to create links to those files so that yum can determine
> that those files really are on computer? :|

Nope, it's not a question of wheter the files  are installed or not, it' 
a header issue.

> I need yum because apt-get dosen't update everything I need. (Every
> file isn't available on apt-get!) I hate if I have to start playing
> around with RPM... ;)

In the worst case you can install directly from the link in rpmseek if 
you use konqueror (I cn't remember if Firefox can do this too), or even 
install directly from the URI:

	rpm -Uvh http://where.the.heck/

I have read in the apt-rpm page [] 
that you can install any random remote URL with apt-get install:

>	 2.2. Version 0.5.15cnc4 released!
> * Implemented support for installation of random remote packages! Any 
> URL passed in the command line for apt-get will be downloaded 
> automatically.  

There was also a reference about installing local files, this would be 
nice to use with rsync.


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