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Am Di, den 10.02.2004 schrieb Rodolfo J. Paiz um 18:14:
> Hello, everyone:
> Since my work still requires to use Windows, I am trying to use Fedora to 
> edit my website so I get some more exposure to it on the desktop rather 
> than just as a remote server. The purpose here is to set up a 
> self-contained environment where Apache, MySQL, etc. are all running 
> locally such that I can edit the site and actively test it without having 
> to be on the network.
> Although I can configure httpd.conf by hand, I am deliberately sticking 
> with the redhat-config-httpd tool so that I can test it and provide 
> feedback. Having said that, this is the procedure I have followed with no 
> joy so far; I would appreciate any comments or suggestions as to what I may 
> have done wrong:
>          1. Set up Apache to listen only on port 80. (Possible 
> bug: display shows "" instead of "", but httpd.conf 
> is correctly written).
>          2. Set up a line saying 
> "   simpaticus.localdomain   simpaticus" in /etc/hosts.

This is a big no go! Be sure you have a line in /etc/hosts looking as:   localhost.localdomain   localhost

Without that line localhost is unresolvable and causes a lot of pain.
Maybe that is already all what's causing you trouble?

>          3. Verified that /etc/host.conf says "order hosts, dns" and 
> verified that there is no DNS server running on this machine.
>          4. Set up a name virtual host in redhat-config-httpd pointing to 
> /home/rpaiz/ I can provide details, but honestly don't 
> see where something could possibly be misconfigured. The named vhost is 
> "simpaticus".

Does the main server work? If it does the vhost configuration and where
you defined it would helpful for detecting the error. Is /home/rpaiz set
to chmod 711?

> Based on my past experience with Apache, this really ought to be a 
> no-brainer, but then again perhaps the brain is off. Entering "simpaticus" 
> or "simpaticus.localdomain" in the browser URL window always leads to a 
> "Forbidden: You do not have permission to see / on this machine" error. All 
> file permissions are set to 644 and directories are set to 755, with owner 
> rpaiz.rpaiz.
> Ideas? Comments? Suggestions? Dohs?


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