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On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 19:41, Matthew Brown wrote:
> I have been a religious Windowmaker user for some time now but am
> trying Gnome since I moved from RH9 to Fedora.  In the past with Gnome
> I was able to drag windows to the edge of the workspace to move it to
> the adjacent workspace.  The same functionality is in Windowmaker
> (among others I am sure) and I was hoping I just haven't found the
> right settings panel to enable it.  If anyone knows if this is
> possible and where to enable it please let me know.  Thanks!
I have not seen how to configure that, however some thing that may be of
assistance to you, ALT + SHIFT + <arrow keys> allows you to navigate
around the work spaces, and "drags" the active window around with you
CTRL + Alt + <arrow keys> navigates the work space with out moving any
of the windows around.

Hope that helps to some extent.


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