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Brian Fahrlander  said:
> On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 08:24, William Hooper wrote:
>> Globe Trotter  said:
>> > OK, So I did the following: went back and copied all the files from my
>> RH9
>> > /usr/kerberos/lib over.
>> Where did that idea come from?  The kerberos from RH9 and Fedora are
>> different, undo that.
>     Uh-oh: sounds like someone might have a clue on kerberos.

It did take much of a clue:

[[email protected] whooper]$ whichcd krb5-libs
You appear to be running Red Hat Linux 9.
I'll search for rpms for that version.
Searching for krb5-libs...


[[email protected] whooper]$ whichcd -v FC1 krb5-libs
Searching in the FC1 database.
Searching for krb5-libs...


[[email protected] whooper]$

Randomly copying libraries isn't a good thing.  Bugzilla will tell you
that is gone on purpose.

William Hooper

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