Open Source, Free Software, and Public Domain

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J.B. Nicholson-Owens wrote:
> This entire paragraph makes readers who know the difference between
> the two movements think that you're advocating the Open Source
> movement even though you are calling it free software.  Open Source
> is a development methodology, Free Software is not.  Perhaps you would
> benefit from spending less time name-calling and more time reading
> informative essays like
> which
> clearly explains the difference between the two movements.

I guess my problem with this is that "open source" and "free software"
have nearly completely replaced the release of software into the "public
domain" (legal sense, not the mis-used definition).

Public domain is the only truly *free* software in the sense of speech,
OR beer, or any other sense.

"Open-source" and "GNU Free-ish" style software are still *encumbered*
with legal restrictions that bind the end users... yes they are *far
less binding* than closed source/un-free software, but the restrictions
are there none-the-less.

Public domain means everyone OWNS it. That is most specifically EXCLUDED
from open-source and GNU Free-ish licensing. The presence of licenses
and/or copyrights only demonstrates that fact concretely.

While I applaud both open-source and the GNU-Free-ish movements as a
leveraging effort to improve software in general by keeping it from
vanishing behind closed doors, I still have to lament the death of the
public domain as everyone moves forward to support political (open
source, GNU freeish) or economic (closed source) ends using IP as the

Now, please note that I am expressing only my current understanding of
three commonly MIS-USED terms. Feel free to correct me, and I will try
to keep it polite if you will ;)

Just Google for "Linux public domain" and you will see what I mean by
frequently mis-used.

BTW, thanks for the links... I did need to read up on the differences
and such. Good info for everyone to know/have. Maybe that can go in the

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