Re: Solution to pine/pico install

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> A little bit of research told me that the easiest way around that was to
> recompile the pine source on Fedora, taking the libcom absence into
> account. A post from Mike Harris pointed me to his repository
> ( that includes
> his recompiled rpm of pine that works like a charm on Fedora.
> So, just download Mike's rpm
>and install that baby:
>   (as root, of course)
>   cd /path/that/contains/pine
>   rpm -ivh pine-4.58-2/i386.rpm
> and that should do it.

Haven't tried this yet, but have a related question: If I do install
Mike's rpm as given above, will it also give me back pico for use from the
command line (i.e., outside of pine)?

thanks much,


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