Re: Finding Where Data is Coming From?

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Andy Green <[email protected]> writes:

> On Monday 01 December 2003 11:42, Nick Wilson wrote:
>> Thanks, I'll try it. I did try 'netstat' but it just gives me unusable
>> data...
> Don't condemn netstat as giving 'unusable' data, poor thing.  Try 
> netstat -p | grep xmms (or whatever the streaming app is)
> You'll need to be root if someone else owns the app instance in question.
> Another cool thing for netstat
> netstat -plut
> Tells you who is listening on udp and tcp, and what app it is, need to run 
> that one as root since there are bound to be things a user didn't spawn.

Pardon me butting in but the -p switch still doesn't show the source
address the OP requested.  Can netstat do that?

To OP:  Try iptraf.  One of its screens will show the actual url.
But its still something of a guessing game if you have other active

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