Re: (Sparc64) 2.6.20 seems to ignore initramfs

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On Feb 23 2007 15:47, Andrew Walrond wrote:
>On Friday 23 February 2007 15:17, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
>> Try to decrease the initramfs size just to know if it boots correctly.
>> I.e., put just a sh/bash/ash/dash binary there (probably /dev/console
>> node, too), executed in init.
>> Then, try to start the kernel with initramfs embedded in the kernel,
>> then as initrd etc. - this will show if the fault is on your side, or
>> kernel's.
>I have tracked this down to a broken version of gnu cpio (latest release, 2.7) 
>which was used to create the initramfs archive. Bloody annoying since this 
>has bitten me before! Last time I even sent the maintainer a bug report, and 
>apparently a fix is in CVS waiting for the next release. Ho hum.

Forgot the -c flag, right?

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