Re: [patch 03/18] Dont leak NT bit into next task

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Giuseppe Bilotta wrote:
> On Wednesday 21 February 2007 02:49, Greg KH wrote:
>>  /* frame pointer must be last for get_wchan */
>> -#define SAVE_CONTEXT    "pushq %%rbp ; movq %%rsi,%%rbp\n\t"
>> -#define RESTORE_CONTEXT "movq %%rbp,%%rsi ; popq %%rbp\n\t"
>> +#define SAVE_CONTEXT    "pushf ; pushq %%rbp ; movq %%rsi,%%rbp\n\t"
>> +#define RESTORE_CONTEXT "movq %%rbp,%%rsi ; popq %%rbp ; popf\t"
> No idea if this is a problem or not, but you forgot a \n after popf.

It's that way in 2.6.21-rc1.
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