RE: Cant get networking working in Fedora14

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> Seems networking should just 'come up' on a new install.
>Let the user decide how to tighten up his security, Fedora
>seems to be taking the opposite approach.

Your setup looks fine. You said this was a new install? You shouldn't have
to do anything other than install the OS. It's supposed to set up basic
networking for you, without restricting you from things like browsing and
updates. No restrictions in outward access to the lan and the internet, in
other words.

Ruling out anything wrong with Fedora 14 other than a few bugs, I think you
have to focus on your nic and your modifications to config files like
ifcfg-eth0. What all has been modified?

The driver Fedora 14 is loading, or failing to load, can be a problem. Your
ifcfg scripts have options that I've never seen before. However, you seem to
understand how the scripts work, so maybe you need those options.

What network card is it? What's the output of:

grep -i eth /var/log/dmesg

The card shows up in lspci?

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