Re: Cant get networking working in Fedora14

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On Thu March 31 2011, [email protected] wrote:
> I sent this several days ago, and it didnt make it to the list, Im
> trying again.
> --------------------
> I am just now bringing up Fedora14 (Ive been running Fedora11).
> Something has changed, since the way I have always done things to
> bring up networking just doen't work.
> I can setup
>     /etc/sysconfig/network
>     /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
> either by hand or using the system-config-network script, and everything
> LOOKS ok, but I can not ping this machine from the outside, nor can I
> ping from it to another machine on the same network.
> The hardware is fine, since I have Knoppix running on the machine at the
> moment (to verify that the machine and its cables were ok) and its
> networking came up just fine.
> So, what's changed between Fedora11 and Fedora14, other than setting
> up the above files (or using system-config-network) what do I need to
> do???
> Thanks in advance.
system-config-firewall? You might have the firewall enabled (I think it's on 
by default) which may be dropping all ICMP packets. Can you get out to the 
internet? Do you know for sure that the network is NOT working or do you 
just assume that it's not working since you can't ping the machine? :-)
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