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> I want to know what is the best way to partition a hardrive to be use
>on a KVM host installation. I have a 256 GB hardrive that I want to
>use on the host server. Please can anyone tell me the partition method
>you have used on the host system? Thanks

If you use a qcow2 or raw format file, a guest's virtual drive doesn't need
a special type of partition. The defaults will place it on your /var/...
directory, usually.

There's nothing wrong with that, so no need to partition the hard drive in a
special way. I don't use LVM because I find it harder to work with when you
have to boot some recovery and off-line backup utils. (like clonezilla)

If the guest is going to use its virtual drive very heavily, don't expect
any kind of performance using just one drive.

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