Re: Any Fedora that would run SANE/SSHD on an ancient 486sx with 8MB RAM?

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--- On Tue, 3/8/11, Fernando Cassia <[email protected]> wrote:

> I wonder if there's any Fedora (1.0?
> :) that would run on a 486sx-33
> system with 8MB of RAM.

Why does it have to specifically be Fedora?

> I don't need a GUI. My intent is to connect an ancient SCSI
> based
> scanner through a PCMCIA SCSI interface, and run SANE on
> it. Perhaps
> invoking SANE over SSH... from a modern system...

Since you don't need a GUI, then most any Linux will do.  I suggest you take a look at Slackware.  It gives you the best control of what gets installed or not of any distro I know, including a choice of several "installer" kernels depending on your install needs.  So, you might be able to get a more or less contemporary 2.6 kernel version on that 486 and not have to go back 10 or more years to find something that works.  Although, the 8MB of RAM will be the problem.  Of course, there are a "tiny" Linuxes out there to choose from.

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