Re: SD card not seen by system after unmounting

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Gordon Charrick <gordonmc <at>> writes:

> This is wierd. I've got a multicard reader installed on my Fedora 14 
> system. If I insert an SD card, it gets recognized and mounted right 
> away. If I unmount the card, remove it, and reinsert it, the system does 
> nothing. No entries in the messages file about the device or anything. 
> If I want to use the SD card again, I have to reboot.
> Has anyone seen something like this before? Ideas on how to debug the 
> problem?

If you could provide some more info it would be helpful.

Regarding your multicard reader - is it a built-in device or an external
device (USB I assume) ?
Start from the very beginning by rebooting your machine with the reader.
Show us that part of dmesg where the reader got recognized.
Also, if a USB device, show us:
$ lsusb
$ lsusb -v -d vendor:productID    where vendor:productID obtained from lsusb

Now, insert your SD (it gets mounted, you say).
Show us:
$ mount

Then, when you say you unmount it, do you do it in Nautilus or manually in
term ?

After that, check once again:
$ mount
and check if your card reader is still recognized by the system:
$ lsusb
Also check anything related in:
# tail /var/log/messages


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