RE: Bug in liveusb-creator.exe(Universal-USB-Installer- for F14)

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  Rahul Sundaram wrote:
  >On 02/26/2011 10:49 AM, Suresh Govindachar wrote:
  >> Done:
  >> By the way, how would one do what liveusb-creator.exe does
  >> manually from a command line (cmd shell)?  The wiki page
  >> has
  >> command line instructions for Linux, but not for Windows.  If
  >> such instructions were available, I might not have had to use
  >>'s Universal-USB-Installer-
  > Command line in Windows?

  Yes, instructions for creating a live CD from Windows cmd.exe
  perhaps by invoking the stuff in live cd creator's tools/
  directory.  (There are several Unix commands and tools that
  have been ported to Windows.)
  > Live CD creator is a GUI application.

  I know, but my attempts to use Live CD creator exposed a bug
  in it (bugzilla id=680589), and the bug prevent its use.  Had
  there been instructions for creating a live CD from the
  command line I could have tried those.


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