Re: random crashes

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On 2/26/11, Heinz Diehl <[email protected]> wrote:

> Most likely, this is some kind of hardware failure. I have fixed many
> machines which passed memtest over a period of more than 3 days by
> changing the memory modules. A BIOS bug, an overheated chipset and/or
> CPU, faulty memory or simply a chip on your mainboard which got
> damaged, it can be anything..

Well, yes, it can be a hardware failure, but then it's a rather
strange coincidence that the crashes started happening immediately
after upgrading to F13 (from F10). Besides, even if it's a hardware
failure, it'd be nice to know which one is the faulty part...

RE overheated chipset: the north bridge (I _think_ it is the north
bridge: an Intel P965) does feel very hot.

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