Re: yum erase the best way to do reverse dependency checking?

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On 02/20/2011 08:04 PM, Richard Shaw wrote:
> I was googling for a way to figure out a dependency chain for a
> package I'm trying to flush out a spec file for and build. There
> doesn't seem to be a non-destructive equivalent to "yum erase
> <package>" to see if I need to explicitly include a package/program.
> Anyone have a solution they like?

I kinda fail to see how it relates to building packages, but this'll 
give you the "what would break if I removed foo" answer without actually 
ever doing anything:
$ rpm -e --test <package>


[[email protected] ~]$ rpm -e --test python-magic
error: Failed dependencies:
	python-magic is needed by (installed) rpmlint-1.0-2.fc14.noarch

	- Panu -
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