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On 02/16/2011 07:31 PM, Claude Jones wrote:
> I've installed and configured freenx and it works. I'd like to use
> shared key authentication, but I'm not sure I understand how it's
> supposed to work. I've spent a couple of days reading howtos and
> documentation, but I believe there's a gap in my understanding.
> What I want to do is only allow connections from people who've got the
> key, but, as it stands right now, if I know a username and password, the
> first connection offers a dialog that offers an unrecognized key, and
> would I like to accept it...
> My question is, is there a way to turn off that dialog, and only allow
> connections to people to whom I've previously distributed the key - is
> my understanding correct in that this is a configurable option?

Hoping you missed this question. You had recommended nomachine nx to me 
a couple of years ago. To put the question differently, right now, if I 
install the nomachine client on a PC that has not yet accessed my nx 
server, and then try and connect, a dialog appears saying something to 
the effect that the security key is not recognized, and would I like to 
accept it. If I answer yes, the key is imported and stored, and the 
connection is made - after that, I never get another query about the key 
when I access from that client. My question is, is there a way to 
prevent that dialog and import process, and only allow connections from 
client-computers to which I have manually copied the key into the right 
location? Everything I'm reading seems to be saying that's the way it's 
supposed to work out of the box/install, but, if so, I've done something 
to defeat the default behavior.
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA
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