Re: how to change nautilus' default browser?

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Richard England wrote:
> On 02/06/2011 05:36 AM, Hiisi wrote:
>> ke, 2011-01-26 kello 08:49 -0800, Mike Wright kirjoitti:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Subject says it all.
>>> I've gone through every option I could find, right clicked everything,
>>> grepped through .nautilus and .gnome2* and haven't the slighted idea why
>>> nautilus insists on opening Chrome when the system default is set to
>>> Firefox.
>>> (IMO Chrome isn't ready for prime time: the Firebug extension for it is
>>> a joke, its UI is tedious; it may be faster at some things but its
>>> shortcomings *way* overwhelm any of its benefits.)
>>> Any takers?
>>> TIA,
>>> Mike Wright
>> Sorry for the late input.
>> If you're finding it not ready for prime time why not simply yum' erase
>> it?

Thanks for the help.

> It appears that the Chrome installation (some one correct me if I'm 
> throwing blame the wrong way) sets the default application to handle 
> .html files to itself.
I came to the same conclusion :)

> I opened nautilus and went to a *.html file, right clicked on it and 
> then selected "Open with". From there I was able to chose Firefox again 
> (Chrome had been selected). After this step (so far) Nautilus is opening 
> my HTML files with the "right" browser.
I eventually found that, too.  I was blaming Nautilus for Chrome's 
Naughty behavior.

> HTH,
> ~~R

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