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On 02/07/11 17:22, Rex Dieter wrote:
Adrian Sevcenco wrote:

Hi! Have anyone some idea about how can i disable this pest?
We can try to implement that, but ... why?  what's the use-case?  Is it
causing problems?
i have the habit that if i dont need something it shouldn't run ..
i don't use upnp (ssdp) and the thing that i don't have control to close a networking something that listen (or multicast) on 1900 is .. disturbing ... IMHO anything that has potentially a network connection should have an easy way to be disabled (turned off)
So at this point can you tell me how can i disable this from auto
starting? and maybe why this doesn't have an option to be disabled (as
it is usually done in linux world : give the people the power of choice)

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