Re: Fedora 14: Shutdown problem

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Terry Barnaby <terry1 <at>> writes:

> ... 
> Note I am using the "network" not "NetworkManager" service. The NetworkManager
> service does not work well for me with systems using networked /home and
> other file systems.
> ...

Looks like the reason for this is:

# ls /etc/rc0.d/*

# cat /etc/rc0.d/S00killall
        # Networking could be needed for NFS root.
        [ $subsys = network ] && continue

The NetworkManager is set in
but it is not skipped as well, so the network is brought down.

Next, the halt script is executed that will try to unmount external fs shares
(e.g. nfs), and of course will fail.
The fix:
        # Networking could be needed for NFS root.
        [ $subsys = NetworkManager ] && continue

Will that make you use NetworkManager now ? :-)


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