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Marko Vojinovic <[email protected]> writes:
> Shouldn't this be the other way around? I mean, ordinary user gets compromized 
> first, and then root gets compromized later?

Oh, I'm sure there was an initial user-level attack that I haven't found
yet and probably won't.  Apache will all that dynamic stuff run from the
web server scares me.  I don't think the guys running the system
appreciated how much of a security vulnarability that is.

> If the intruder has root access, he has absolutely no need to
> brute-force the user passwords through ssh. It is enough to change the
> password interactively or by modifying /etc/shadow. That is, unless
> the intruder is just plain stupid. ;-)

It was most likely a double infection with the second intruder just
taking advantage of the now lower security.

> The only safe way to track and analyze intrusion details of a live
> system is to have the machine log all activities to another machine on
> the net. That way the logs are physically append-only, and even after
> the intrusion happens, the intruder has no way of deleting the logs
> and otherwise covering up how the machine got compromized.


I was just wondering if there is a package that already does that or
something close.

> Other than that, once the intruder becomes root, all bets are off,
> there is no safe way to know anything about the intrusion and what
> exactly happened. The only thing you can do is wipe the hard disk and
> reinstall the system from scratch. Forensic research of a rooted
> system is (a) very painful and tough job (even for experts) and (b)
> almost impossible, in most cases.

I'll certainy take a snapshot of the disk and pick at it as inspiration
strikes.  If it was a server attack (apache? dovecot?), there might be
probes in log file.  They might have been lazy and not deleted the log

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