Re: iptables and NAT

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On Tuesday, January 25, 2011 02:28:15 pm Jatin K did opine:

> On Tuesday 25 January 2011 10:44 PM, Tim wrote:
> > On Wed, 2011-01-26 at 01:13 +1030, Tim wrote:
> >> Then, you've got several things to think about:
> > Another one:  Does your ISP block remote access to port 80.
> no they do not .... I'm very sure about that

It is far more common than the uninformed "experts" such as you think.  
They block only the incoming port 80's so that if Joe & Judy Lunchbucket 
want a web page, they have to use the ISP's servers, which the ISP then 
wraps in advertising for additional revenue.

Don't believe it?, then try <>
Nothing, it is blocked.  No ISP will admit to it because it would cost them 
their 'common carrier' status at the FCC. I'll leave it to you to figure 
out how to get around that block.  There is a machine there, this one.

> > I forgot about that, lots of ISPs do that.

Cheers, Gene
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