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On 18/01/2011 01:15 πμ, Jorge Fábregas wrote:

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>  Could you please elaborate? What error messages are you getting? How
>  do you know it's a SELinux related problem? What is the SELinux
>  message?

Well it´s certainly SELinux Related .

As soon as i try to launch acrobat reader 9 then i get a
SELinux Alert Browser message which says

SELinux has detected a problem

The source process : acroread
Attempted this access : execstack
On this proccess :

Troubleshoot Notify Admin

Since i was running the proccess as root , am curious who is meant
by Admin ????????? am i just supposed to notify myself that SELinux
denied my access to a program ? For some odd reason i think i
already have established that since I AM the Admin .

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