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On 01/17/2011 03:49 PM, ????? wrote:
> --- Thomas Cameron <[email protected]> wrote:
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>> Has anyone gotten three heads set up with Fedora?  I
>> figure it will
>> require the proprietary driver, and while that is
>> not optimal, I'm
>> willing to do it.  I really want to have three
>> monitors set up.
>> If so, how'd you do it?
> One architectural office I'm working with that is *very*
> Linux curious wanted to try Fedora on a four-headed
> system.
> The system has:
> - 1 VGA on-board graphics card (not sure the chipset,
> assuming its a standard Intel on-board device) connected
> to a ~20" Dell LCD monitor
> - 2 nVidia 1Gb Galaxy PCI-E 16 cards (pretty cheap)
> connected through their DVI outputs to two large, matching
> LG Flatrons
> - 1 *something else* pretty old, weak card also connected
> through a DVI out to a generic, small flatscreen leftover
> from someplace
> I installed Fedora 14 with just the VGA on-board video
> running first, then plugged the others in after install...
> and everything just worked on reboot. The only adjustment
> needed was to place the screens in relation to one another
> so that the layout made sense.
> They have heavy 2D requirements (CAD for blueprint
> designs), but not any real 3D needs, so the open source
> drivers worked just fine for them. Their fabrication techs
> *do* need 3D, though, so it would be necessary to get
> good, real 3D drivers for those systems.
> This is easy. "oooh, dual head" is not very "ooooh
> anymore." It's just about plugging things in as long as
> the hardware is fairly vanilla.
> One note: You will not get much easy mileage out of
> USB-to-VGA output switches. Those still suck to configure,
> even for a single screen.
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Many thanks, I'll give it a try then!
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