Re: ftp 500 OOPS: failed to open xferlog log file:/var/log/nfs/ftp/xferlog.fedora

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Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
> On 01/14/2011 03:04 PM, Frantisek Hanzlik wrote:
>> I not use it for huge downloads, but rather occasionally when our national mirrors are incomplete or when I'm in window when local mirrors still isn't complete and need some interesting package from main repo. Or only see, which packages are new, as it seem as lately all packages to update repo go strictly from testing repo.
>> Otherwise I use local Fedora mirrors, of course, they gave faster access.
>> Franta Hanzlik
> For small downloads, you should be able to use http: to download files
> for you, though there is sometimes a re-direction when you point your
> web browser directly to the pages
> (note the system name, AFAIK, the use is
> deprecated and may cease to work at some point in the future).  Check
> the baseurl paths in your repo files in /etc/yum.repos.d/ for the
> correct paths to use.

OK. But there are some advantages when using FTP service (e.g. miscellaneous comparation with other local/remote directories and interactive download selection - near all TUI/GUI FTP clients can it) for which I prefer them over http/rsync. Thus I will hope to some Fedora FTP servers will be available also in future.

Franta Hanzlik
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