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On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 6:06 AM, Aaron Konstam <[email protected]> wrote:

I have heard that argument before. The fwaact is currently tomcat is
actively being developed and gnote is not. Rahul assurews us that
sinchronation is in gnotes future and he inmplies that Snowy might work
with gnotewws . We will have to wait and see. We are actively running
three computers at our house and I believe that synchronizing the
databases on these three machines will  be useful. In that I disagree
with Rahul's opinion that it is not that important.

Disclaimer: I don't really know whether or not gnote is being actively
worked on by Fedora developers but it had stayed the same for a long
time and its man page is dated 2004.

Man page for a utility doesn't change unless more command line options are added which is pretty rare for a graphical utility.  Gnote development hasn't stopped and gets various bug fixes and other incremental updates. If you want to keep track of changes, refer to

There are two upstream developers and one of them is a Fedora developer, Debarishi Ray and afaik the other is not a Fedora developer.  I didn't say sync wasn't important.  I said it is important for some users.  If you prefer to use Tomboy, feel free to.  This discussion doesn't seem to have much of a point. 

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