Re: NetworkManager won't become "active"

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Quoting Alex <[email protected]>:

> Hi,
>> Jan  8 17:56:08 alex NetworkManager[18096]:    ifcfg-rh: parsing
>> /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-br0 ...
>> Jan  8 17:56:08 alex NetworkManager[18096]:    ifcfg-rh:     error:
>> Bridge connections are not yet supported
>> Has it worked before with network-manager?
>> I think you should try to work with network service instead
> Yes, it has worked before. The problem is that firefox (at least,
> likely other apps too) starts in "offline" mode unless it detects
> NetworkManager in some way as being active.
> Dave Stevens wrote:
>> I had this problem recently after updates to F14 and lost sleep  
>> over it until I discovered that
>> for some reason network manager wasn't starting automatically. I  
>> still don't know why but as
>> root try "service NetworkManager restart" and see if this enables  
>> you to activate the eth0 (note
>> the capitalization in the service name)
> Yes, tried this several times, and multiple variations of disabling
> the "network" service then enabling it, starting and restarting it,
> combined with enabling and disabling NetworkManager service and
> stopping and restarting it.
> It's some combination of those services working together that causes
> this to work, and apparently only that specific combination, afaik.
> Does anyone know how udev works with all this, and persistent connections?

I should have said in my previous post that I booted a F14 live CD and  
the networking was fine. Does this work for you?

> Thanks,
> Alex
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