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On 06/01/11 01:38, Tim wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-01-05 at 10:49 -0500, Bob Goodwin wrote:
>> Not a heat issue. The case can't even close with the power supply I
>> am using
> That's not necessarily a reason to believe overheating isn't a problem.
> Generally, the fans in the computer case form an airflow across things
> that need it when the case is shut.  If the case is open, airflow takes
> the easiest path, and hot items mightn't get enough of a breeze over
> them for them to be adequately cooled.
> You can get the same situation when airflow is blocked by obstacles in
> the case (plug in cards, ribbon cables, etc.).
> Though, this is usually only a problem with things that are on the
> borderline of their heat tolerance.  Things with (most likely,
> inadequate) passive heatsinks.

    Understood, but I did not want to get into a long dissertation on
    the equipment failure.

    It is wintertime in Virginia. The computer is shut down around 20:00
    hours and turned on again around 04:00. It has about eight hours to
    attain room temperature, perhaps 18°C? Within two or three seconds
    of being switched on the failure is apparent, the screaming fan
    noise, little time for much overheating due to poor air flow,
    cabinet opened or closed.

    I grab a flashlight and crawl under the table in the prone position,
    pull a tiny fan connector and re-insert it and hope things get
    better, it has, and continues to run in that condition for about two
    days now, case open, overheating is not a problem, my 80 years are
    when it comes to working in that fashion.

    The problem was originally manifest with the case closed. The power
    supply I installed was  newer/higher power but would not fit the
    cabinet cut out for the line cord connector so the case was left
    open to see if the power supply corrected the problem, it did for a

    The case is a strange design, a clam shell that appears to have been
    designed as a "desktop" model with the face re-oriented to make it a
    "tower" style. A bitch to work on, I cut my arm and bled profusely
    on the sharp edges! I will be glad to get rid of it.

    I hope that clarifies things.

    I do appreciate your comments.


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