Re: Where to set ENV vars for use at boot time

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Donald Russell <russell.don <at>> writes:

> ... 
> I'm also going to open a ticket with redhat to suggest a more elegant solution
> Something like adding this line to rc.sysinit before running fsck...
> [ -f /etc/fsckenv ] && . /etc/fsckenv
> Similar to how rc.sysinit allows fsck command line options in /fsckoptions

There is already a config file (not always defined)
part of package
initscripts.i686   9.20.1-1.fc14    @anaconda-InstallationRepo-201010031452.i386
according to docs

Because the name "autofsck" does not cover other cases like "forcefsck" etc,
it would be better to set up a general/common fsck config file e.g.
instead (it would consolidate fsck-related config environment) and be a part of
the initscripts package, where it belongs.

Some init scripts would need to be modified as well.


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