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On 01/01/2011 08:26:23 AM, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> This has been reported in Bugzilla as 661814.
> Fedora 14, up-to-date.  foomatic-4.0.5-1.fc14.i686. Output to HP 
> LaserJet 1300, with parallel to USB connector.
> On Fedora 13, printing of a web page containing a JPEG file would 
> take
> a minute or so from hitting print to page on the printer. On Fedora 
> 14
> (from first install) it takes 15-20 minutes. Printing a single .jpg 
> with the lpr command yields similar results. Straight text prints 
> immediately, whether directly or via a2ps.
> As the list is not flooded with complaints, I'm guessing that its a 
> configuration problem. Any suggestions as to what that might be?

Turns out that foomatic (?) changed the default driver for the HP 
LaserJet from Fedora 13. The installed default driver is pxlmono, 
the correct choice is Postscript, which CUPS shows as the recommended 
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