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On Wed, 29 Dec 2010 16:30:24 -0500, Alex wrote:

> Hi,
> I have an FC13 x86_64 system, and with today's updates, there are a
> few file conflicts:
> Test Transaction Errors:   file
> /usr/share/locale/af/LC_MESSAGES/ from install of
> glib2-2.26.0-2.fc14.x86_64 conflicts with file from package
> glib2-2.24.1-1.fc13.i686

There hasn't been any glib2 update for F-13. Latest is from May (!):

Please confirm whether you run F-13 or F-14. Above you refer to a package
released for F-14 on 2010-09-30:,dconf-0.5.1-1.fc14

That was during the F-14 development period, so this glib2 is included
with F-14 and is _not_ an update. There also isn't any glib2.i686 in the
x86_64 repo.

> What is the resolution to this? I've tried removing the i686 version
> of glib2, but it has too many dependencies. Is this a problem with my
> system, or the dependencies created upstream? "yum check" returns no
> errors.

Add some more trouble-shooting, so you can give details. Run basic
queries (use "yum" or "repoquery") in order to list what packages
are installed and available in the remote repositories.
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