Re: firefox, scaled images, and performance?

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On Monday 27 December 2010 02:18 PM, john wendel wrote:
> On 12/27/2010 01:59 PM, Konstantin Svist wrote:
>> On 12/27/2010 01:32 PM, Tom Horsley wrote:
>>> On Mon, 27 Dec 2010 13:13:24 -0800
>>> Konstantin Svist wrote:
>>>> You're not crazy, you just didn't describe how to reproduce the problem.
>>>> Using above example, open the Save Image dialog but don't bother
>>>> browsing. Instead, just drag it around the screen in front of the image
>>>> -- it's VERY slow compared to unscaled.
>>> Yea, I discovered later that was a good way to notice problems
>>> as well. It is kind of hard to guess exactly which things are
>>> going to be slow. I wonder if this is another manifestation of
>>> the cairo bug (628331). I'll have to try downloading the mozilla
>>> binaries and see if I see the same slowdown.
>> Most likely Firefox doesn't cache the scaled image -- so when you move a
>> window on top of the image and Fx has to redraw, it has to scale it all
>> the way down, first.
> Sorry, if I'm confused, but I haven't followed this thread closely ...
> I'm using Firefox 4 Beta 8 on F13 32-bit and I don't have any problems
> with huge scaled images. Single core P4 (not so fast).

I am on FF 3.6.13 and I don't have the above mentioned problem. But FF 
does get sluggish with images when it has been running for a long time 
(a week maybe).


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