Re: firefox, scaled images, and performance?

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On 12/27/2010 12:20 PM, Tom Horsley wrote:
> Has anyone else noticed a distinct tendency in firefox to
> get hopelessly bogged down and unresponsive when it is
> displaying a vary large image it has scaled to fit on the
> screen, and then to become perfectly responsive once you
> click on the image to display it full size?
> For example:
> If I try to do a "save image as" and navigate around the
> file browser to save the image in a directory it takes
> a little time to navigate to, the browser gets all hung
> up.
> If I first click on the image to make it full size, I have
> no problem navigating anywhere.
> What the heck is firefox doing? Am I the only one who
> sees it?

I can not produce any of these problems.


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