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> You are joking, aren't you?  I don't know what you mean by "lesser  
> graphic-cards," but I have a Toshiba laptop with Intel graphics and F 13  
> that I use as a showpiece.

I'm not joking. Yes, there are some look-perks that Linux has - like the  
cube and the wobbly windows - that are nice, and "Oh wow!" indeed. But did  
you notice my mentioning of the true transparency? Even conky isn't truly  
transparent, but what about borders or panels? The panels take the colour  
of the desktop-background if told to do so, but that doesn't make them  
transparent; move a window off the bottom to see what I mean.
Isn't it possible to keep these effects and make it transparent?

Leaving my comments on hardware management and wifi (almost) unnoticed.


Roelof Kusters
aka Ben

The internet isn't a highway, it's a swamp: the more you surf, the more it  
draws you in.

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