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Hi There,

I have some thoughts regarding the future and aim fedora developers should  
take. I - as a very average normal user - have installed several releases,  
and am very happy with Fedora 13, and have no doubt Fedora 14 will satisfy  
my needs as well. Having said that, there are some concerns that I'm  
missing in the direction Fedora seems to be taking.
I can not code to save my life, so all that follows are things I think  
developers should think about, but please do not consider what I say here  
serious accusations. I'm just stating, what I - as a very average user -  
am missing.

1) Looks: Forgive the curse-words, but Linux has been surpassed in looks  
by as far as I can see all other OSs. I don't know all, but Windoze and  
Mac all look better on lesser graphic-cards. Things like true  
class-borders should be developed. True see-through should also be made  
possible for apps like conky et al.
Btw, I Love the F14 background.

2) Wifi: It may be a sore point, but there is no ease of installing  
(newer) machines with built in wifi cards. While I understand that all  
those things are built for functionality with Windoze, and that many  
manufacturers don't make their own Linux drivers, but even with the  
correct drivers it doesn't often work. I feel it should be on the  
forefront of the developers attention to make wifi work more easily - on  
all machines. Wireless computing is getting more and more popular, and is  
the future for the internet. So if Linux wishes to survive (sorry to put  
it so strongly), it is important that wifi works as easily as when  
installing Windoze. It doesn't; check the forums, check google. Few issues  
are so frequent.

3) Hardware management: su -, lshw, isn't good enough a hardware manager  
for the average user. A new app should be developed that looks better and  
is interactive. Enable and disable certain hardware should be an option.  
Finding manufacturer's details of driver-less hardware is a must. Aida32  
springs to mind, XP's Device Manager springs to mind. GUI, interactive.  
This is necessary to appeal to the average user - ie. me.
And while we're at it, try and make the wifi-card enableable through this  
app; rfkill unblock all doesn't always do it.

As I said, just some thoughts. Do with it what you see fit. I'll keep  
using Fedora till it stops working.  This is what I'm missing. Note that  
if all this is already available, it isn't well enough advertised.


Roelof Kusters
aka Ben

The internet isn't a highway, it's a swamp: the more you surf, the more it  
draws you in.

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