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--- Patrick O'Callaghan <[email protected]> wrote:

> On Thu, 2010-12-23 at 08:55 -0600, Aaron Konstam
> wrote:
> > > And on that note, is trash behaving that way for
> you as
> > > well?
> > No. On my machines Trash has no number next to its
> name.
> Same here. I misspoke in my earlier reply (I just
> meant to say that
> Trash works correctly).
> poc

Do your environment variables change the behavior?
~]$ env EVOLUTION_COUNT_TRASH=1 evolution
~]$ env EVOLUTION_COUNT_TRASH=0 evolution
~]$ evolution

I'm trying to reproduce what you're experiencing and
haven't been able to so far. With the trash count variable
set I get trash and junk counts, but they don't mistakenly
ratchet; after expunging folders the counts go away as
they should. With no arguments Evolution shows me no trash
or junk counts at all, again as it seems it should.

Could this be a miscommunication between the IMAP server
and Evolution?

I might get to play with this over the next week or so --
I'll be setting up a deployment test network with an
IMAP-Evolution solution on it. I doubt we'll be using
Cyrus, though, so we will likely miss locating this issue.
If we can't reproduce it with another IMAP server it would
at least be likely that Cyrus is misbehaving.

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