Re: XRDP - Howto select which desktop to run at login?

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On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 5:39 AM, KC8LDO <[email protected]> wrote:
>>If you are using GDM, just enter your username then the menu should appear
>>at the bottom of the login screen where you should be able to choose the
>>desktop of your choice before typing in your password. This choice should
>>not change even if you reboot. Your default desktop would what ever you
>>chose the last time.
> There are exactly three things that show up when I login remotely using Xrdp
> in the dialog box.
> 1. Module
> 2. User Name
> 3. Password
> There are no other choices and the entire screen is black except for the
> login dialog box. I don't see anywhere you can enter a choice for the
> desktop to use. I know you can what you mentioned from the locally connected
> console screen, just not remotely over a network. That's what I'm trying to
> find out if there is a way to do it without having to perminetly change the
> desktop started for each user. I want the user to pick what they want to use
> at login time using a remote connection without affecting anybody else on
> the system.
> Regards;
> Leland C. Scott

please report a bug requesting this feature.


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