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On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 4:07 PM, John Haxby <[email protected]> wrote:

Python is a better start.

It's very hard to say whether one programming language is better than another.  I've written stuff in, oh, I can't remember how many languages, but I couldn't say "C is better than Cobol" or "Fortran is better than Forth" or "Prolog is better than PHP", they just don't stand that kind of comparison.   However, some languages stand out as being good for a beginning programmer: Algol68 (well, that's what I learned first, I'm fond of it, but it's long gone really), CLU (ditto), Java and Python.   For ease of access, I'd come down to Python, it's available everywhere and it's very easy to start.  There's a good tutorial on as well.


Yes, okay, Python as I guessed would really be better! I agree that one cannot say that one language is better than the other but as the beginner is confused, he can.

Collecting all the conclusions, I guess and think now that Python would be a better option. The easier one too.


Parshwa Murdia
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