attacks, that could be prevented with iptables

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I updated my firewall script [only for a usually home desktop pc, Fedora 14]

1) Does this really gives protection against syn attacks?:

2) how can i flush all the iptables rule/policy to default? this is the offical method? [are there unnecessary lines in it?] :

$IPTABLES -t nat -F
$IPTABLES -t mangle -F


3) are there any docs/howtos, [like the syn attack "1)" one], that could give me more "security" with iptables?

4) my firewall script is here [are there any errors in it?]:

5) is there a command to get info, that how many packets went through e.g.: the

$IPTABLES -A OUTPUT -p tcp --dport 20:21 -j ACCEPT
or the
$IPTABLES -A OUTPUT -p tcp -m multiport --dport 80,443 -j ACCEPT
line? are there any statistics about it?

ps.: the local dns server was just a:

yum -y install caching-nameserver
chkconfig --level 5 named on

ps2.: and i found out, that if i use a local dns server, that local dns server will "get info" from the root servers!!! no more relying on google dns, or opendns!! hurraj! :) !!! made my day :)

ps3.: i found out why my computer hangs, after installing the cached name server:

it was regarding the firewall.... but with my newest [ 4) ] firewall script, it works just fine

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