Re: Still having problems with mount of USB drive at boot time

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On 12/15/2010 08:41 AM, Tim wrote:
> Tim:
>>> The usual answer is give the drive a name/label, appropriate to the
>>> file system on it (ext3, FAT, whatever).
> Robert Moskowitz:
>> How do I do that?
> What file system is used on the drive?
> If it's Ext3, there's the e2label command.


> If it's FAT, you have to assign a Windows-like drive letter, then use
> the DOS/FAT drive labelling commands to label the drive.  Though, the
> simplest solution, if you can plug it into a Windows box, is to do so,
> and right-click and rename the drive.
> It irks me, seeing how Gnome plays so heavily upon using the name of the
> drive as a mount point, that we have to go through all these shenanigans
> to rename a drive, when Windows users have it so easy.  Sure, make us
> type in a root password to allow the change, but let us right-click on a
> drive and rename it.
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