Re: Can't solve problem with NFS-server access

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On Mon, 2010-11-29 at 23:11 +0200, Alan Holt wrote:
> Server is
> Client is
> I have stoped my iptables like this:
> # su -c 'service iptables stop'
> in /etc/exports
> /home/user/temp 192.168.100/

Can you see the error in the IP address on the last line?  i.e. That
"100" is wrong, it ought to be just "1".  And I suspect you need to
write it more like:  /home/user/temp

A complete IP address, even though the last quad is virtually a
wildcard.  You should read the exports man file, particularly these

              Machine names may contain the wildcard characters * and ?.  This
              can be used to make the exports file more compact; for instance,
              *  matches  all  hosts  in the domain  As
              these characters also match the dots in a domain name, the given
              pattern  will  also  match  all  hosts  within  any subdomain of

       IP networks
              You can also export directories to all hosts  on  an  IP  (sub-)
              network simultaneously. This is done by specifying an IP address
              and netmask pair as address/netmask where  the  netmask  can  be
              specified  in  dotted-decimal  format,  or  as a contiguous mask
              length (for example, either ‘/’ or  ‘/22’  appended
              to the network base address result in identical subnetworks with
              10 bits of host). Wildcard characters generally do not  work  on
              IP  addresses, though they may work by accident when reverse DNS
              lookups fail.

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