Re: Selinuxprevents from graphical login

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Chris Tyler ha scritto / said the following    il giorno/on 27/11/2010 
> On Sat, 2010-11-27 at 15:47 +0100, Antonio M wrote:
>> On one of my  systems, if Selinux is targeted I cannot access to
>> graphical session, as password would be wrong (all users and root)
>> As soon as Selinux=0 at boot time system works fine.System is fully updated
>> I cannot find a related bug in bugzilla...
>> Tnx
> Did you try relabeling the whole system? May be required if you've run
> with selinux off (permissive is better if you want to temporarily
> disable selinux):
> 	touch /.autorelabel; reboot
> -Chris
I used the graphical management tool to relabel it, that should do what 
you suggest (and I rebooted): now I will see what happens in Permissive 
Any way to see a log of Selinux on my system???


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