Re: Burning mixed ownership of files to disk producing a problem?

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On Thu, 2010-11-18 at 17:29 -0500, William Case wrote:
> What I had been doing was quite simple.  Rather than doing a compressed
> backup, I had just been using a small rsync script to copy my files
> and/or changes to my backup partition.  I have a big enough hard drive
> with lots of room.  I found that I seldom had need of a restore, but on
> several occasions it was helpful to just go to the /backup partition and
> directly look at what I had used, or configured before.  Occasionally I
> would have need to copy a data file back to my /home partition.
> When I came to burning the new disk I wanted to be able to do the same.
> It is very unlikely that on my small system, I would need to restore a
> file or directory from two or three Fedora versions ago.  But I might
> like to look at what I did with some file back then.  If it was a root
> file I would switch to root and look at a burned file from there.  So I
> wasn't trying to burn a backed up file per se but rather a copied file.
> That shouldn't have been a problem I would have thought, unless having
> used rsync with accumulated changes makes a difference.

In that case, you may as well chown yourself:yourself all the copies
before putting them on a disc.  And if you need to discover who should
own a file that you're trying to fix up, you can rpm query the current

[[email protected] ~]$ uname -r

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