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Am Sonntag, den 07.11.2010, 13:26 +0100 schrieb Christoph Wickert:
> Hello world,
> as you may already have noticed there are a lot of missing icons in the
> Xfce desktop on Fedora 14.
> The reason is that we are using gnome-icon-theme by default and it
> switched to the 'new' XDG icon naming spec [1] a while back. In Fedora
> 13 GNOME had a lot of missing icons too and therefor the icon theme
> included a lot of symlinks for backwards compatibility. These were now
> removed.

Instead of fixing all packages individually, we suggest you install the
gnome-icon-theme-legacy package to get the symlinks back. I have just
pushed an Update for libxfcegui4 that will pull in the additional

If you see any missing icons in the meantime, please report them to us.
We want to help Xfce upstream to fix everything in time for Xfce 4.8,
which will be included in Fedora 15.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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