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On 11/16/2010 10:28 AM, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> I have a Asus EE 700 with 512 Mb memory.  FC12 meminfo reports ~490Mb 
> usable memory as I suspect Video is stealing some memory.
> Anyway, FC14 install reports that there is NOT enough memory for a 
> graphical install.  To add insult to injury it did not even install 
> gnome.  It comes up in text mode and startx is not a known command.
> This seems rather extreme?  I put FC12 back on the system (how I got the 
> memory info), and will try a FC13 install tomorrow.  But are now older 
> 512Mb memory systems locked out of FC14?
I've not tried installing F-Anything with memory less than 1GB.  But,
just because it gets installed without Gnome, doesn't mean you can't add
it afterward.  I suspect the install is trying to "protect" folks from a
suboptimal experience with Fedora and hopefully reduce the number of
"Fedora Sucks, it is slow" complaints.  :-)

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